The show for the whole forgetful family

Welcome Alzheim
Dirk Stermann & Christoph Grissemann proudly present:

Welcome Alzheim

"WILLKOMMEN ALZHEIM" destigmatizes the topic of dementia with humour
and explains how the disease can be lived without loneliness and exclusion,
for those affected and their relatives.
There is a life with forgetfulness.

Hard Facts

  • Over 130,000 people live with dementia in Austria.
    According to Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI),the number of people affected will double every 20 years.
  • In addition to the people who have to learn to cope with this disease themselves, entire families are affected. A large number of dementia patients are cared for by their partners, who face incredible pressure and workload.
  • Approximately 80% of all affected individuals are cared for at home by their relatives. An early diagnosis can significantly improve the treatment and care of those affected.
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